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vieW4 ("vienna World Wide Web Workgroups") is a web based framework that makes it easy for large workgroups to work together in a networked environment. A lot of powerful tools give the members of the group the required assistance for project-oriented and distributed working. vieW4 is based on the open source software Zope wich was customized to fit our in-house needs. The primary goal was to create a versatile solution incorporating all the essentials of group-oriented working in one simply-to-use application. vieW4 integrates and links documents in various file formats, projects, appointments, email communication and more and acts as a replacement for existing office based solutions.

Within user-defined workgroups, tasks can be defined, created and assigned to workgroup members. Tasks can then be prioritized and tracked to avoid missing deadlines. Project-related documents can be created, edited, changed and versionized. These documents are shared within a workgroup and each member can access them and discuss them with other members. Modifications of tasks, projects or documents are reproduceable and can be announced through mailing lists on request.

vieW4 is part of an expandable platform which also allows for the integration of a content management system (CMS). In later releases we are planning to merge both "workgrouping" (vieW4) and CMS to represent the whole live cycle from creation to publication and beyond of documents and objects evolving from group working.

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To run vieW4 you must have python version 2.1.3 and Zope version 2.6.x (recommended 2.6.0) installed on your system.

For previewing and editing Documents vieW4 makes use of NuxDocument. NuxDocument is a Zope product that represents generic documents by using plugins to convert native productivity suite formats to HTML or to plain text (for indexing). NuxDocument is designed to run on Linux/Unix platforms, and uses external utilities wrapped in Python "plugins" to perform actual conversion. From the NuxDocument/Readme:

There are currently 6 available plugins:

- MSOffice (Word / Excel / PowerPoint)

Needs: wvWare (, xlhtml and ppthtml

- (word processor / presentation / spreadsheet)

Needs: xsltproc from libxml2 ( and unzip.


Needs: GNU unRTF (


Needs: xpdf (


- Dumb

Note: You will not be able to preview or edit Documents without having these tools installed.


The vieW4 package is available for download here.


Installation of vieW4 is the same as for any other Zope product. Simply extract the vieW4 tarball into the Products directory of your Zope installation.

If you need instruction on downloading and installing Zope, please visit the Zope website. Consult the Chapter "Installing and Starting Zope" of the Zope Book if you need further Information.